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Q&A with Photography Tutor Ewan Barry

Edinburgh-based Photographer Ewan Barry runs our popular Photography courses here at Gartmore House. We grabbed him in between shoots for a few questions over a quick cuppa and piece of cake…

Photography Courses at Gartmore House

Photography Courses at Gartmore House

Q: Give us your top 3 take-away tips for great photos
1. Get to know your equipment, whether it’s a phone or old school film camera – if you don’t know what the buttons do you won’t be in control of the way your image looks.
2. Regular practice – if you only get your camera out on the odd occasion, on holiday for example, the technical side of things will never become second nature.
3. Don’t try to fit everything into an image, try to remove as much as you can.
Tutor - Ewan Barry

Tutor – Ewan Barry

Q: What’s your favourite thing to shoot and why?
A: I don’t have a single favourite subject. I think variety keeps things interesting and there’s often crossover – I’ll learn something on one type of shoot that I can apply to another at a later date.
Q: Who is the course at Gartmore House aimed at?
A: Anyone who enjoys the outdoors and landscape photography in particular. I can help identify subject matter, help with composition and I offer technical advice along the way.
A selection of photos from September's course

A selection of photos from September’s course

Q: What level/type of experience do most people on the course have?
A: Generally, I’d say beginners to intermediate level although more experienced photographers would still benefit from visiting the locations we use and enjoy the evening discussions we often have on the artistic side of things.
Q: What kind of cameras do most people bring/use on the course?
A: All kinds, but you’ll get more from the course as well as better photographs if your camera has manual control settings.
Q: What’s the best thing about learning photography in Scotland?
A: If the weather and/or light conditions aren’t inspiring you at any given time, you won’t have to wait long for it to change.
Find out more about photography courses at Gartmore House, or give us a call on 01877 382991.

  • October 2, 2018
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Photography Holidays at Gartmore House

Top 10 photos of Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park

Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park has some of the most scenic views in Scotland and is a fantastic place for photography.  Here are our top 10 photos:
The following three images were taken by Trossachs Reflections.  We adore the colours, tones and atmosphere they have magically captured through the lens.
1. Last light. 
This stunning image is looking North and was taken at Loch Lomond looking towards Ben Lomond.
Photos of The Trossachs
2. Picnic with a view. 
Picnic with a view was taken from the shores of Inchcailloch.  It makes us want to pack up a hamper and head there now.
Photos of The Trossachs
3. Eye to the highlands.
This stunning shot was taken from the summit of Inchcailloch.  We feel it perfectly captures the calming nature of Scotland’s most beautiful national park.
Photos of The Trossachs
For more magical photos of The Trossachs, check out this wonderful Instagram page. 
Micha Stanbridge from Creative Sides Photography  has a passion for the outdoors. He loves to be at one in the wilderness, snapping lovely images and videos. We love the following three photos of The Trossachs he has captured so beautifully.
4. Moody Day.
Micah has captured the mood of the clouds perfectly as he climbed Ben Venue. A mountain small in stature but of real character.  We love seeing the sky darken by the minute across the loch.
Photos of The Trossachs
5. Mountain Gazing.
The colours in this image represent what Scotland is all about.  We are instantly relaxed just looking at this shot.
Photos of The Trossachs
 6. Highlands in miniature. 
The Trossachs are often referred to as the Highlands in miniature. This shot captures the real beauty of the region with it’s richly forested lochs and spectacular colours and tones.
Photos of The Trossachs
For more shots by Micah, including images of The Trossachs and Scottish wildlife click here.
James Galloway is a student and snap happy lover of the outdoors of Bonnie Scotland.  We love his passion for Scotland and these two photos of The Trossachs he has captured.
7. Sitting by the Loch. 
We love this calming photo of the Trossachs.  There is nothing like sitting by a Scottish loch for a wellness injection.
Photos of The Trossachs
8. Seasons changing.
Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park is simply stunning as Autumn approaches and the colours begin to change. We adore how James has captured the subtle orange tones, which go perfectly with Scottish blue skies.
Photos of The Trossachs
For more beautiful photos of The Trossachs and Bonnie Scotland, check out the James Galloway Instagram page.
Diane Maxwell believes that all the greatest adventures lie ahead.  We have to agree.  Check out her inspiring feed on Instagram.
9. At the top.
Diane shot this photo from the top of Ben Lawers, looking down onto Loch Tay with Beinn Ghlas, another Munro also in the view.  We can feel the satisfaction on her face as she took this shot, cherishing an adventure on the mountain.
Photos of The Trossachs
For more inspiration from Diane, click here.
10. Gartmore Estate
Ewan Barry, our photography tutor captured this image whilst exploring our estate and building up reference shots for his photography holidays at Gartmore House.
Photography Holidays at Gartmore House
The Trossachs National park is the perfect place to bring the camera.  Please feel free to share some of your favourite photos of The Trossachs below.
For further information and to book a photography break at Gartmore House, contact the team:
T: 01877 382 991 | E: mail@gartmorehouse.com

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