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Understanding Patterns Sewing Retreat at Gartmore House in Scotland

Happy National Thread The Needle Day

Today is National Thread The Needle Day which is the perfect excuse to get out the sewing machine.  Although today is a day for sewing and those who enjoy the craft, it also has another meaning. The term “threading the needle” generally means to find a path through two opposing views. Therefore, you can train your skill on Threading the Needle Day to find harmony and balance.
At Gartmore House, we believe that taking time out, in beautiful and relaxing surroundings, allows us to get our balance back.  Here are some reasons why we think sewing and ‘threading the needle’ is a fantastic hobby to enjoy.
Sewing is a great form of relaxation and mindfulness
Sometimes it’s important to switch off and spend some time doing something with your hands.  We all need a little time away from our screens and to do list.  Crafting with our hands is extremely therapeutic.
Sewing is uplifting
The bright and beautiful colours chosen for sewing items  such as blankets and quilts can have an uplifting effect.  This contributes towards feelings of happiness and confidence and provides a wonderful opportunity for sharing and socialising.
Sewing is not as hard as it looks
At Gartmore House we offer a number of sewing activity breaks and get to watch our guests progress from beginners to advanced.  With a little patience, anyone can sew, it’s just a case of learning the basics and then practising.
Sewing patterns is fun and good for our brain
The process of sewing patterns together is really good for our brain co-ordination.  They are also wonderful to look at and it is so satisfying to see progress.  Here at Gartmore, Gill, our professional sewing tutor looks after our guests during their sewing activity breaks and will teach you everything you need to know about sewing patterns and getting the right fit.
To book a sewing break at Gartmore House
Complete the online enquiry form
Call us on 01877 382 991
Email: mail@gartmorehouse.com

  • July 25, 2018
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