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Happy International Mountain Day

Happy International Mountain Day.
There is no doubt that being out on a beautiful mountain, getting some exercise and appreciating a great view gives us both a physical and mental boost.
Walking is one of the easiest and cheapest ways of exercising, and an effective way of managing weight. Regular brisk walking will improve performance of our vital organs, as well as lower blood pressure. Walking, especially out on a mountain, is thought to be fantastic for our wellbeing, as well as helping us concentrate and improving both sleep quality and creativity.
At Gartmore House we are spoilt for choice with our mountain walking options.  Scotland is criss-crossed with a huge number of hill tracks, some created fairly recently while others have been used over the centuries by successive generations. The Trossachs is no exception.  Why not join us for a walking holiday at Gartmore?
Our walking activity breaks are dog friendly. Come and get your mountain fix with us.
To find out more click here or call us on 01877 382991
Email: mail@gartmorehouse.com

  • December 11, 2017
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