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Blue Monday

Detox at Gartmore – The Perfect Blue Monday Cure

Blue Monday, the third Monday in January, is almost upon us. This specific Monday has been awarded the depressing title due to a combination of post-Christmas blues, cold dark nights and the arrival of unpaid credit card bills.
January can be a hard time for us all. Over indulgence means that there is pressure to cut back and live a clean lifestyle. Then there is the task list to catch up on, after a hectic December. Which is why at Gartmore House we offer a January Detox retreat.
This is the perfect opportunity to give your body and mind a well earned break and set it on the right path towards a healthy and happy 2018. Eliminating toxins, eating healthily and taking time to be mindful will all contribute towards a happier state of mental wellness. You’ll regain a natural glow, develop increased confidence in yourself and be inspired to embed the changes once you get home.
With breath-taking Scottish scenery and relaxing surroundings with a roaring open fire, we can help to ensure your Monday is bright, not blue.
A typical day on retreat will include:
• Guided meditation in the morning, followed by a gentle yoga class suitable for all levels
• Interactive discussions on emotional overeating, intuitive eating and sustainable weight loss
• How to eat more healthily to boost your happiness and energy levels
• Learning how to improve your relationship with yourself through self-care
• Finding that elusive work-life balance
• Additional yoga and/or meditation sessions before bed
Find out more about our January detox breaks.

  • January 9, 2018
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