Top 5 Scottish Wild Foods

Scotland is full of wonderful wild foods and at Gartmore Estate we love to get our hands on these rich pickings of Scottish foraging.  Our local wild foods are some of the finest and most natural ingredients here in Scotland. 
Here are our top 5 Scottish Wild foods:
1. Berries
There are about 10 different edible types of berries that are found in Scotland’s woods including wild cherries, blackberries, sloes, rowan and juniper berries.  In warm Scottish summers, the heat combined with long daylight hours help most berries ripen into wonderful, juicy fruit which is bursting with flavour.
Blackberries - Top 5 Scottish Wild Foods
2. Mushrooms
Whilst there are many species of edible wild mushrooms in the Scottish woods, only a few are commonly eaten. Autumn is the best time to forage mushrooms, but there are always some species growing in woodlands.  Popular edible varieties include cep, chanterelle, hedgehog fungus and morels. Perfect for soup, casseroles and risottos.
Mushrooms - Top 5 Scottish Wild Foods
3. Coastal Plants.
Rock pools are a great place to start a coastal forage and many are home to a colourful array of seaweeds and shore plants which make both nutritious and tasty dishes. Dulse is a red seaweed which is a hit with vegetarians and is especially delicious in soup, bread and salads.
Dulse - Top 5 Scottish Wild Foods
4 – Wild Garlic
Scotland is full of edible herbs and plants to forage.  You’ll most likely smell wild garlic before you see it, the leafy plant produces a fragrant smell when it grows from late winter through to the end of spring. This is far milder than store-bought bulb garlic.
Wild Garlic - Top 5 Scottish Wild Foods
5 – Elderflower
This native wildflower is extremely popular.  Elderflower drinks, both cordials, wines and presse, have been such a hit that some producers have had to resort to planting orchards of elder trees to ensure a regular supply.
Elderflower - Wild Foods in Scotland
Interested in learning more about Scottish wild foods? Why not join one of our Foraging Weekends at Gartmore House in 2018. With guidance from our tutor Andy Fraser you will forage in the local area during the day and in the evening you will enjoy a 3-course dinner featuring your foraged foods.



  • January 22, 2018
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