Press & Media

For Press & Media enquiries, please contact mail@gartmorehouse.com with ‘Press/Media Enquiry’ in the subject line, or give us a call on 01877 382991.

Gartmore House is a unique, 18th century property offering a wide variety of arts, craft and activity breaks. We provide expert commentary and information about our featured craft courses via our network of excellent tutors, as well as engaging input and content for media articles, news editors or feature journalists. Please feel free to give our friendly team a call or drop us a line if you have something specific in mind. We’d be delighted to help.

We would love to invite writers, bloggers, videographers and photographers to join our craft and activity courses, so please contact us to chat about how we might be able to collaborate. Ideally, we would ask that you already have a publication piece commissioned before getting in touch. As a charitable trust, our marketing budget is small, so we are keen to ensure that any marketing is worthwhile. Thank you for your understanding.

Press Resources
For Gartmore Estate details, photos, logos and other assets, please contact us on mail@gartmorehouse.com. You can also access a small library of photographs through our Flickr account, however, we have many more images available so please let us know if you are looking for something in particular. Thank you.

Press Releases

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29th May 2019 – The Rise of the Hobby Holiday