Our Ambassadors’ Club

A note from Peter Sunderland, Director of Gartmore Estate:

‘Hello. I’d like to introduce you to our Ambassadors’ Club. We love welcoming people who enjoy the atmosphere and character of Gartmore, and who ‘get’ the fact that we are not stuffy and don’t always get it right, but really care that our guests have a great time when they’re  staying with us.

Over the years I have often been asked if there’s a way that people can help with the upkeep of Gartmore House. The income we receive from those who stay with us just about covers our basic running costs, but it’s a big lump of property and any upgrading always costs a lot.

We have been extremely fortunate in receiving some one-off donations of cash and especially furniture, but have until now never set up an easy way for those who want to contribute to do so. Which is why we have launched the Gartmore Ambassadors’ Club. It will enable us to do a lot more improvements and keep on top of the impact of the weather and life on the buildings, some of which are now over 200 years old.
So the Ambassadors’ Club is for anyone who wants to contribute to the upkeep of Gartmore House. You can give on a one-off basis or set up to give a regular amount monthly.

We are registered as a charity as our aim is to provide a great place for learning, whether that’s music or crafts or about the world we live in and what we believe in. As a charity we can reclaim tax on your contribution if you are a UK tax payer (we can give you a form that will enable us to do this if appropriate).

Every quarter we will write and let the Ambassadors know what’s been happening, updating you on our plans and any projects that are underway. We may also get together for a night and hear what our Ambassadors think we should do next.

As a team we look forward to seeing you again before too long, and if you would like to become an Ambassador we would appreciate your support.

Thank you.’