National Walking Month – Discover Scotland and Get Fit

May is National Walking Month, which came about to remind us of the benefits of walking and taking ourselves away from the screens and the ‘to do’ lists.  It is a way to encourage everyone to walk more, no matter what our level of fitness is.
Walking is a free form of exercise and is one of the easiest ways to get fit, lose weight and become healthier.  The physical improvements we gain by walking can help to build on our mental health too. When we feel fitter, our body image and confidence can significantly increase and keeping active also releases many natural, happy hormones too.
At Gartmore, we are spoilt for choice in terms of walking spots and we like to think of walking regularly as investing in our long-term health.  Audrey and Harry, founders of The Budget Savvy Travelers recently said:

‘After a week out walking in the Scottish Hills, we discovered a sense of rejuvenation that we hadn’t felt in a very long time. Each day brought on an exciting adventure and a fun, new challenge. Our bodies relished in the endorphins generated from that glorious, natural hiker’s high.  In fact, hiking is the ultimate decompressor and stress reliever. Studies continuously show that spending time in nature is a natural mood enhancer and helps fight off common mental health issues like depression.’

Audrey and Harry - The Budget Savvy Travelers on a Gartmore Estate Walking Holiday

Audrey and Harry – The Budget Savvy Travelers on a Gartmore Estate Walking Holiday

Our walking activity holiday breaks at Gartmore Estate can be as easy or challenging as you like, with many routes and stunning hills surrounding the house with differing difficulties. Come and admire exquisite views across our national park and spectacular countryside.  The perfect wellness boost and with the warmer weather, the perfect opportunity to get active outdoors.
To book a walking holiday at Gartmore House please BOOK ONLINE or contact our team:
T: 01877 382991 | E: mail@gartmorehouse.com

  • May 6, 2018
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