Local and Community History Month

It is local and community history month, which has a purpose to increase awareness of local history and encourage all members of the community to participate and share stories.   At Gartmore House and our surrounding Estate, located in the stunning Trossachs and Loch Lomond national park, we have played a significant part in Scottish History.   The name Gartmore means “the big enclosure” and cattle were once driven to markets, being rested overnight in Gartmore.  Some of our local names still reflect these stories such as slaughterhouse Lane and Market place.
You can read a full breakdown of our history and events that have occurred here since our quirky house was built in 1973.
Gartmore House has witnessed the formation of the Labour Party and was also the home of a founder of The Scottish National Party.  The great Scottish legend Robert Burns has written and entertained in the lounge – which we feel is a perfect spot for our guests to unwind and perhaps write or journal.
The talented architect David Barclay (pupil of Charles Rennie Mackintosh) re-designed the west front, added the tower and altered the roofs. The moon dial was removed in the 1950’s to the Cayzer family burial ground behind Gartmore parish church. We love the Cayzer family motto that we display above the door which means “Cautiously but Fearlessly”.
In 1940, the army commandeered the estate and the house became a barracks until 1950. Privates were on the ground floor, officers on the first floor and they dined in the mews courtyard. After the war, the Cayzer family didn’t take it back.
Over the years, Gartmore House has seen many people come and go.  People with talents, stories and a vision.  People who have helped to make Gartmore what it is today.  More recently, there was a vision that Gartmore House would grow as a conference centre and destination for activity holidays for all ages.  We are proud that today our estate is now very popular with educational groups, conferences and activity breaks, with packages available to suit all budgets and group sizes.
We believe that the history of Gartmore makes it a magical place to unwind and also get creative.  History and old stories can be a source of inspiration to many.
To make a reservation please BOOK ONLINE or contact our team:
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  • May 4, 2018
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Pamela Naismith - May 17, 2018 Reply

My Dad,Stanley Seabrook,was based there with the army during the warfor a spell when he was in charge of the barracks as Warrant Officer.
My Mum Jean worked there when it was a List D School run by the De La Salle Brothers around 1976.
And i used to play league badminton games for Gartmore there from about 1979 for a few years.

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