5 reasons why you need to book a January Detox Retreat

Could a January Detox Retreat be calling your name? It’s hard to believe that we are almost at the end of August already. It feels like only a few weeks ago that we were sitting tucking into turkey with all the trimmings. Life is busy, the months fly in quickly, which is why it could be time to start considering a detox for next year. If your answer is yes to 2 or more of the questions below, then we suggest you get booked up right now.

Do you feel overwhelmed by your job list?

If you are nodding, you are not alone.  Numerous studies show that career pressures are by far the major source of stress for adults.  This has escalated progressively over the past few decades. It is a price we pay for such sophisticated technology, which can make it very hard to switch off.  If you find it hard to stop checking your phone and emails then a detox retreat could be just what the doctor ordered.

Are you carrying excess weight or feeling bloated?

Do you eat for comfort? Do you eat when you are bored?  Perhaps you struggle to find the right balance with food. Or, on the flip side, perhaps you skip meals because you are too busy, which has an impact on your mood and energy levels.  A detox retreat can help you with emotional overeating, intuitive eating and sustainable weight loss.

Do you crave sugar?

We all deserve to have things that we enjoy but sometimes cravings are a sign of something lacking in our diet, such as good fats.  Sugar cravings can also be a sign of too much salt or poor quality sleep patterns.  It is all too easy to get into bad eating habits and routines.  A detox retreat can help to get you back on the right pathway.

Do you have a busy mind?

Do you find it hard to get to sleep? Are you filled with lists of things to tick off as soon as you wake up? Can you remember the last time you did absolutely nothing for 10 whole minutes? Not texting, talking or even thinking? If you have a lot going on in your head, a detox retreat could be the golden ticket to a clearer mind.

Do you suffer from skin breakouts, allergies or rashes?

This can be a sign of stress and anxiety.  Our body is clever in telling us when we need to change our lifestyle.  A detox retreat can help to give you that glow back.
A detox retreat is the perfect opportunity for you to give your system a break and set it on the right path again. Eliminating toxins, eating healthily and taking time to be mindful will all contribute towards a happier state of mental wellness.  You’ll regain a natural glow, develop increased confidence in yourself and be inspired to embed the changes once you get home.
At Gartmore House, we understand that we are living in an era that is focused on wellness.  We spent the last decade thinking about our bodies and we are now entering an age that is focused on nurturing our minds.
We have teamed up with Tali, Yoga Teacher and Holistic Health Coach to offer you the ultimate January Detox Retreat, set in the beautiful and inspirational surroundings of Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park.
A typical day on the retreat will include:

  • Guided meditation in the morning, followed by a gentle yoga class suitable for all levels
  • Interactive discussions on emotional overeating, intuitive eating and sustainable weight loss
  • How to eat more healthily to boost your happiness and energy levels
  • Learning how to improve your relationship with yourself through self-care
  • Finding that elusive work-life balance
  • Additional yoga and/or meditation sessions before bed

Find out more about January Detox Retreats at Gartmore House.

  • August 24, 2017
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