Craft Breaks are Good for The Soul

Craft breaks are good for the soul. Enjoying a crafting hobby, such as knitting or sewing, is great for our wellness. It is important that we take time to de-stress after a long day or week, to unwind and indulge in something we really enjoy.
Getting creative through crafting offers a boost in mind and brain wellness by improving problem-solving and helping in the development of hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness. It also allows us to be present. It gives us a sense of pride and achievement, teaches us patience and perseverance and facilitates memory formation and retrieval.
At Gartmore House, we offer a wide selection of arts and craft breaks, including Knitting and Crochet and Patchwork and Quilting.
We are proud to say that we get pleasure from watching new friendships being made. We love to see our guests re-booking to return with friends they met during their stay with us. It’s amazing to watch a community build over
knitting or other fun arts and crafts.
It can be very easy to become lonely at home. Getting out into a change of scenery and meeting new people is so important for our wellness and arts and craft activities can be a great bonding experience. They are a great way to start conversations.  People often love to get involved in making things and you can talk about your experiences and problems while you’re having fun together.
Our craft breaks at Gartmore House are in a relaxed and comfortable setting. There is breath-taking scenery to enjoy looking out over The Trossachs National Park and cosy open fires to sit by.
For further information and to book view all our Craft Breaks.

  • October 6, 2017
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