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If you’re keen to use your sewing skills in a different way, then our Art Cloth Doll Making workshops here at Gartmore House may just be your cup of tea!  Here, tutor Angela Neilson explains a bit more about what you can expect to learn from the course, and showcases examples of some of the dolls created by own hand and by her students:
I look forward to welcoming everyone, no matter what the skill level or past experience, to my Art Cloth Doll workshop. Beginners will be surprised at what they can achieve; rest assured that you can make a doll you are delighted with. In addition to the courses I’ve run at Gartmore House, I have facilitated a similar workshop with school-age children with great success.So you don’t have to be an expert with a needle and thread or sewing machine. 
Art Dolls
More experienced stitchers can enjoy using their talents in a project unlike any other, making a unique, one of a kind, doll. Making dolls is a great ice breaker if you’re making new friends on the course, and there is always a great deal of hilarity over the creating and handling of dis-articulated “body parts”.

Toni's Doll

Toni’s Doll

Previous workshop participants have had a great time, and some particularly skilled ladies produced dolls of a standard way beyond my expectations. These examples shown here in this blog (of students work) are outstanding, but don’t be intimidated, something more straightforward can be just as effective.
Barbara's Doll

Barbara’s Doll

Although we are making dolls, there is no need to stick with traditions. This is an opportunity to be daring and pursue the ‘artistic’ side of cloth doll making. Recently, I pushed myself out of my comfort zone, researching modern portraits by artists such as Picasso and Mondrian, using what I have learned to make less traditional doll faces.
Modern Style Doll's Head

Modern Style Doll’s Head

If you have any questions/concerns then I’m happy to help answer them – please just get in touch with the team at Gartmore House who will in turn put you in touch with me. We could even arrange to have a phone chat about what the holiday offers, before you commit. I looking forward to seeing you in May or October 2020.
For further information about tutor Angela’s Art Cloth Doll Making Workshops at Gartmore House or if you’re ready to BOOK NOW, please visit the Course Webpage, or give our friendly team a call on +44 (0) 1877 382991.
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Mrs. Maxine Durston - April 15, 2020 Reply

Saw your advertisement in Landscape, magazine, May edition. I loved the look of the doll shown, quite beautiful.
Sorry that due to what is happening now over the world, it won’t be able to go ahead.
But , always hope for the future, please stay safe, and take care everyone.

    alison - April 15, 2020 Reply

    Hi Maxine!
    So lovely to hear from you. 🙂 It’s certainly a trying time for us all just now but rest assured we have plenty of dates in the diary for more art cloth doll making. We have dates for this coming October, Sunday 4th – Friday 9th October, as well as dates in 2021 and even 2022! So, if you are interested in trying your hand at a different sort of stitching then please, do not hesitate to get in touch. You can reach us at mail@gartmorehouse.com or phone us on 01877 382991.
    Take care and stay safe!

    Angela Neilson - January 3, 2021 Reply

    There has now been a further request for rag doll making. So I am busy working on that as an option during the 5 day art cloth doll holidays that I facilitate. I plan to provide photos for the team to use in advertising very soon. Perhaps, if you are still interested, it will be worth your while looking back at Gartmore Creative Holidays. 🙂

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