Gartmore House installs a new power plant

Gartmore House is currently in the process of installing a brand new Combined Heat and Power System onto our site.


The new power plant at Gartmore house is producing both electricity and hot water, which will heat the house and provide all the hot water we need for guests. As it does both it is called a Combined Heat and Power plant (CHP).

The plant uses timber as its fuel.  As the timber is heated it produces a gas, which is used to generate the electricity. The heat that is left over is captured and used to heat the water.

We will generate about 80% of the electricity we require each year. During the night when we are producing more electricity than we need, we will sell it to the national grid.








The new power plant is housed in a purpose built room constructed by our in-house maintenance team.

The new plant builds on our 10 years of experience of using biomass to heat Gartmore House.